FEES 2020

Welcome to AAA Medicolegal Reporting Limited

The Web Presence of Donald A. Campbell, Consultant Neurosurgeon serving the Courts in UK, and Ireland, Europe, America, and the Far East since 1984

All fees exclusive of UK  VAT @ 20%

Hourly Rate      £350.00

Reports outside Harley Street    £700.00

Reports Harley Street                £900.00

Reports in Alleged Medical Negligence pro rata (depending on volume of notes)  charged by the hour - average £2,500.00 - £4,000.00

Part 35 Responses                     £600.00

Conference with Counsel            £600.00

Domciliary Consultations standard rate plus AA Mileage and subsistence

Court Appearance: 

Please note that once a date has been confirmed, the following arrangements apply:

As I am engaged in a full time Private Practice, once a date (or dates) has been confirmed by myself as being set aside, if the case is then cancelled or rearranged at four weeks notice or greater, no fee is payable.

If cancellation occurs between four weeks and two weeks prior to the agreed date, a cancellation fee of £800 per day allocated is charged.

If cancellation occurs between two weeks and one week prior to the date in question, a cancellation fee of £1,200 per day allocated is charged.  

For cancellation at less than one week, or settlement is made once I have appeared at the court building, full charge is levied for the time allocated – currently £3.000 per day**

Please arrange for a friendly summons to be sent by post to me to ensure that I cannot be called to another court on the same date.

THESE FEES ARE NOT SUBJECT TO COST TAXATION, as in view of my occupation I cannot rearrange my working practice to have patients turn up at less than four weeks notice as they pay to see me privately at their convenience, and if I do not provide the service they are entitled to expect, they will go to someone who will.  

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